Map and instructions for your own Chalk River Pilgrimage

Click here for instructions and prayers for the 1.5 mile pilgrimage.

Click here for a map.

The River Ivel is only one of 250 rare chalk streams in the world. The pure waters of chalk streams should be home to rare plants, fish and animals and are the equivalent of England’s Amazon rainforests or coral reefs in their rarity.

The Upper Ivel River – which once supported four mills, a trout fishery and a watercress industry  – is today bone dry in places.

This short pilgrimage includes six stations for pilgrims to pray for the revival of this chalk stream.

The RevIvel Association believes the Ivel is dry due to over abstraction by Affinity Water. The RevIvel has hired a consultant who has identified a simple solution: stop extracting water and pump water from a reservoir using a pipe which has recently been built.